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Palin is not my rival, she’s my friend, says Bachmann on Good Morning America

While former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin rides around in a bus, teasing the political world about her presidential intentions, one of the frequent lines of punditry is about how bad it would be for Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann if Palin gets in, because the two are so similar and appeal to a similar Tea Partyish segment of the Repub electorate.

On Good Morning America this a.m., Bachmann was having none of it, insisting that Palin is her friend, not her rival, and that the only 2012 presidential candidate against whom she is interesting in drawing contrasts is Barack Obama. It’s a nice line, however unconvincing. It would indeed be a blow to Bachmann if Palin gets in, which I think is highly unlikely. Bachmann obviously will officially enter the race and has scheduled the announcement for June in Iowa. As George Stephanopoulos said in the interview below, you don’t go to Iowa to announce that you aren’t running for president.

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  1. Submitted by Joe Tripician on 05/31/2011 - 09:32 am.

    Palin’s latest maverick move is sure to be controversial: “My Night with Sarah Palin”

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