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Poll: Obama leads Pawlenty, Bachmann in Minnesota

WASHINGTON — Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty would hold President Obama to a closer margin in Minnesota than Obama beat John McCain by, but Obama still leads Pawlenty in his home state, according to a new KSTP/SurveyUSA poll. What's more, Obama has a massive lead over Rep. Michele Bachmann, who is likely to announce her candidacy next month in Waterloo, Iowa.

Obama leads Pawlenty 47-43 in the poll, which surveyed 552 registered voters in Minnesota earlier this week. Obama leads Michele Bachmann 57-32. By comparison, Obama beat John McCain in 2008 here by 10 percentage points. 

The difference between Pawlenty and Bachmann is basically explained in their favorability ratings and whether Minnesota voters see them as qualified to be president. Some 55 percent say Pawlenty is very (17 percent) or somewhat (38 percent) qualified, and his approval rating is close to even, 35-38.

And while those who like Bachmann really, really like her (and enough like her in the 6th District to keep sending her back to Congress), statewide her approval rating is 23 percent favorable, 51 percent unfavorable. Just 27 percent say she's very or somewhat qualified to be president, while 65 percent said she's not very or not at all.

More on the poll from KSTP here. A detailed breakdown of the poll, including crosstabs, here.

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