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Tim Pawlenty one-ups his Monday presidential announcement with Sunday video

The official announcement was seemingly set for Monday morning in Des Moines, but former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty went web-ish Sunday night with what the New York Times is calling a "slickly produced" video.

In that political commercial, gauzy and nostalgic, filled with a choir and snapshots of hockey-playing kids, Pawlenty says he's kicking off his campaign Monday and he's "going to tell the American people the truth."

Already, the Democratic National Committee weighed in.

"After running for President for over two years, the question isn't whether Tim Pawlenty is running or not. It's why — a question he has yet to find an answer to," said DNC National Press Secretary Hari Sevugan. "But he shouldn't look for the answer from the people of Minnesota whose taxes he raised, services he cut and who he left with a $6 billion deficit. They're scratching their heads, too."

He will make his announcement in person Monday at the State of Iowa Historical Building in downtown Des Moines.

Meanwhile, the Minnesota DFL and the Iowa Democratic Party have scheduled a counter-Pawlenty news conference for after his town hall meeting Monday.

Check back throughout the day for coverage of Pawlenty's annoucement and political reaction.

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