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No roses for Michele? Bachman's Floral makes point of distancing itself

No roses for Michele? Bachman's Floral makes point of distancing itself

Interesting note on the website for Bachman's Floral, Gift and Garden store:

 Questions about Bachman's Floral, Gift and Garden Centers & Rep. Michele Bachmann

We receive many inquiries about Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Although she shares our home state of Minnesota, the Bachman family and Bachman's Inc. are in no way related to or associated with Rep. Michele Bachmann.

Easy enough: The congresswoman's name has two n's in it; the flower guys, just one.

And Bachman's, the well-known Minnesota purveyor of flowers, traces its Minnesota history back to 1885. We know Michele Bachmann's time in Minnesota dates to about 1968, when she moved here, apparently reluctantly, from Iowa at age 12.

No call back yet from the Bachman's (one n) marketing folks about how many calls they've received and why they chose to address it like this.

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Comments (5)

They better be careful what they say. Republicans like myself spend a lot of money at their establishment.

Is Bachmann a Republican ? I thought she with the Tea Party and just using the Republican Party for her own agenda.

Now, the question is how Minnesotans can distance ourselves from Rep. Bachmann.

What's the mystery? They're probably tired of getting the unproductive phone calls. I'm sure that's something we can all relate to.

#1: "They better be careful about what they say..." Oh, please...Pretty soon some 'Mericans like Shelley Bachmann and her TeaPeeple will have to start investigating Bachman's (one "n") for having anti-American sentiments! They better be scared!