Bachmann talks to McCain about foreign policy, Pawlenty talks to Vin Weber

Foreign Policy magazine has a roundup of four leading contenders for the Repub nomination, focusing on their known foreign policy views and where they are going for advice.

The two Minnesotans both made the list, along with Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman, which I guess constitutes that journal’s list of frontrunners.

Tim Pawlenty basically has the foreign policy views of a neo-con, but doesn’t want to be referred to with that term. One of TPaw’s two mentioned foreign policy advisors is former Minnesota congressman Vin Weber, who has been willing in the past to embrace the neocon label.

Michelle Bachmann is often labeled as the Tea Party candidate in the race, which might imply an isolationist we-can’t-afford-all-these-wars streak, but no, says Foreign Policy, she is quite a hawk and has been getting advice from John McCain. When I’ve listened to Bachmann in recent months, she always suggests that she is the candidate who can unite all kinds of conservatives, including what she calls “national security conservatives,” which is code for hawks.

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  1. Submitted by William Pappas on 07/06/2011 - 10:15 pm.

    Pawlenty is a neocon, pure and simple. He may be one of the only people on earth that thinks the Bush neocons made all the right moves. The Bush foreign policy was, pure and simple, a dismal failure and left our stature in the world decimated. Despite Bush projecting awesome US military might in far flung areas of the world we actually became less secure as we lost repsect throughout the world. Where most of us saw failure and unaffordable commitments Pawlenty saw a neocon success story.

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