Bachmann’s rise means parodies — like in The Onion

With widespread news coverage, regular outrageous statements and rocketing poll numbers, the satirists are treating Congresswoman Michele Bachmann as if she has a Target store logo on her back.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have weighed in, early and often, and The Onion has a new faux-news story on Bachmann this week. (Stewart and Colbert were funnier.)

The headline for the Onion piece, which aims for gross-out rather than guffaw:

Bachmann Says Unexplained Blackouts From Which She Wakes Up Covered In Blood Won’t Affect Ability To Lead

The dateline on the item is Woodbury, Minn., which is in Bachmann’s 6th Congressional District. A small sample:

Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann fired back Wednesday at critics who have said the Minnesota congresswoman’s ability to lead the nation would be greatly hindered by her frequent, hours-long blackouts from which she invariably awakens covered in blood. “This is a complete nonissue — who among us hasn’t gotten the occasional blinding headache only to wake up totally nude two days later in an abandoned church, covered from head to toe in someone else’s blood and with absolutely no recollection of what happened in the intervening time?”

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Comments (3)

  1. Submitted by Wayne Swickley on 07/29/2011 - 12:02 pm.

    I don’t know…. How is it even possible to parodize someone who says, “…I have no doubt that every jot and tittle of my life will be looked at and inspected prior to November 2012”?

    Jots and tittles? I’m not even sure that I know what that means, but neither sounds like something I’d be too keen to look at and/or inspect.

    I wish The Onion the best of luck, though, but trying to create a parody of a walking, non-stop parody (of SOMEthing) sounds like a fool’s errand to me.

  2. Submitted by Ric Roderick on 07/30/2011 - 07:55 pm.


    Get a grasp of the English language before criticizing someone else for being stupid. Parodize?

  3. Submitted by Gregory Lang on 08/01/2011 - 05:10 am.

    In all fairness also parodies those on the left.

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