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Pawlenty draws parallels between Minnesota, Washington in op-ed

In a Des Moines Register op-ed published today, Tim Pawlenty again uses Minnesota and its government shutdown as an allegory for what happens when Democrats are in control of government.

“Democrats are saying we have no choice but to spend more and raise taxes, and they are willing to shut down government if they don’t get their way,” the presidential candidate writes. “That’s the scene in both our nation’s and Minnesota’s capitals, where Republicans are rightly taking a strong stand against out-of-control government.”

Pawlenty highlights his record as Minnesota governor (a record number of vetoes, a government shutdown and a transit strike) and says the tax policies proposed by Democrats in Washington are like the dinosaurs in “Jurassic Park,” “ideas are from a bygone era and have no place in today’s debate.”

The solution: “lower taxes and less government will ultimately spur higher economic growth and job creation.”

The op-ed is chock-full of lines that have become standard talking points for Pawlenty’s stump speech, and it shows once more how Pawlenty is looking to use the Minnesota government shutdown to his advantage with state’s southern neighbors.

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