Pawlenty’s strong Iowa organization will help in straw poll

Tim Pawlenty’s numbers haven’t looked good, but his organization is strong in Iowa, and could lead to a strong showing in the Aug. 13 Republican straw poll, says Katrina Trinko in the National Review.

She says the straw poll matters for him:

For Pawlenty, who has all the right credentials on paper but so far has failed to sell himself as a candidate to many voters, it’s a crucial test of his electability.

With Congresswoman Michele Bachmann surging and Texas Gov. Rick Parry on the verge of entering the race, it looks rough for Pawlenty, who needs a first- or second-place finish to stay viable, many believe.

Don’t count him out, though, the story says:

…Pawlenty still has one advantage: his Iowa organization.

“His campaign has made a huge investment in grassroots organization, building the apparatus that it takes to actually motivate people … to go to Ames,” says [former Iowa GOP political director and the editor of Craig] Robinson, noting that Pawlenty has “the best-organized campaign in the state,” with a larger staff than any of the other candidates.

 “He doesn’t clearly have the momentum,” Robinson acknowledges. “But as long as the people already signed up get to Ames, I think he could finish well. I think he could surprise.”

 An Iowa Republican operative thinks that Pawlenty’s “superior” organization could help him leapfrog over Michele Bachmann and get the approximately 3,500 votes needed for an Ames victory. The operative is dubious that Bachmann could round up enough voters.

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  1. Submitted by William Pappas on 07/21/2011 - 06:43 am.

    Pawlenty has all the right credentials? Where does that come from, Pawlenty’s press person? He drove our state into impossible debt, presided over a 60% rise in property taxes as he honored his pledge to Grover Norquist and then went AWOL for two years to organize Iowa, leaving the rest of us to pick up the pieces of a financial mess. After all this time, if his Iowa organization is so good, why can’t he get out of the single digits. The answer is obvious: boring, milktoast and bland. Despite a three year effort to move as far right as Bachmann, he is seen as a weak candidate. And they are right.

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