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After Iowa win, no bump for Bachmann in New Hampshire

A New Hampshire poll, taken after Michele Bachmann’s win in the Iowa Straw Poll last week, shows Mitt Romney still ahead in that early primary state, and Bachmann fourth.

The results of the New Hampshire Journal poll:

  • Romney 36%
  • Rick Perry 18%
  • Ron Paul 14%
  • Bachmann 10%
  • No one else was in double digits.

Said the story:

Meanwhile, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann appears not to have experienced a bump from her victory at the Ames, IA straw poll conducted last weekend. In fact 84% of respondents said the Ames straw poll results have no impact on their decision to support a candidate.

And the poll results show:

The case of Bachmann is especially interesting. She remains very popular among self-identified conservatives with a 62% Favorable rating and a 28% Unfavorable rating. But it is a completely different story among Independents, 51% of who view her Unfavorably, while only 40% view her Favorably. The split in the voting public’s view of Bachmann demonstrates the uniquely complex texture of the New Hampshire electorate.

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