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AP takes a look at Bachmann’s days as foster parent

There’s not too much “on the record” information available about the foster home days of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and her husband, Marcus, so the Associated Press asked neighbors and a former foster official about it.

Bachmann often talks in her campaign speeches about raising her own five children and having many foster children in their home. But she’s also made it clear that her family is off-limits in the campaign.

The story says it appears most of the foster children were girls with eating disorders, and it’s unclear how long they stayed with the Bachmanns.

The only controversy seems to be that Bachmann used to say she had 20 foster children in the home, but now says in the stump speech that there were 23.

Says the story:

Bachmann talks about foster parenting in mostly abstract terms and never mentions the children by name. The government considers their identities protected. One located by the AP wouldn’t comment, and none has come forward to tell his or her story for attribution. Former neighbors confess having only vague recollections, if any at all, of the foster children.

A former caseworker recalled, says the story, that:

there were seldom more than two foster children in the Bachmann home at once; they were licensed for up to three. Her own accounts of a bulging household would put her outside those bounds.

 And, the story says, he:

remembers visiting a well-kept home big enough so that the foster children and the Bachmann kids didn’t have to share bedrooms. He said he found Bachmann to be relaxed, organized and engaging.

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  1. Submitted by Joe Musich on 08/11/2011 - 09:49 pm.

    I don’t understand the reason local media did not broach this question. Or was I the only one wondewring about this claim ?

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