Bachmann has early lead in Minnesota GOP’s State Fair Straw Poll

A check Sunday with the Republican booth at the Minnesota State Fair shows that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is apparently quite good at Midwestern straw polls.

Bachmann won the highly publicized Ames Straw Poll earlier this month, a contest that had little import except to catapult Tim Pawlenty out of the race.

The tally at the Minnesota Republican fair booth — and they do point out that it’s not a scientific poll — showed this approximate tally, as of Sunday afternoon:

  • Bachmann, 730
  • Rick Perry, 550
  • Ron Paul, 290
  • Mitt Romney, 210

The people at the Ron Paul booth (he’s the only one of the candidates with an actual booth at the fair) were very pleased with his third-place showing so far. Paul had been a very, very close second to Bachmann in Iowa.

There was even talk of a Ron Paul/Michele Bachmann presidential ticket from some of those at the booth.

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  1. Submitted by C.S. Senne on 09/03/2011 - 10:38 am.

    Shelley’s so far ahead, because Fair officials allowed the sheep to vote.

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