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Bachmann’s Des Moines office is quiet after Straw Poll

Following the all-out blitz in Iowa in the weeks leading up to the Ames Straw Poll earlier this month, the Iowa Republican site wondered just how busy the candidates’ offices were in the dog days of August.

Not so busy.

After a quick check of four campaign offices in Des Moines, here are the grades given by the site, which was started by Greg Robinson, who says he has “helped numerous Republican candidates implement fundraising strategies for their campaigns.”

Bachmann campaign – D plus – They lose points for not having someone manning the front desk while the office was open. The fact that we were there for several minutes, and even loudly announced our presence, yet never saw anyone is not good. This means security is extremely lax. We could have easily wandered through the office, seen confidential information and perhaps even walked out with valuable equipment. The fact that the office was locked up and empty moments later was another bad sign. Team Bachmann escaped an F grade by being there later in the day.

Cain campaign – C plus – All four staff were there when we arrived. That was good. There were no volunteers and no one was making phone calls while we were there. Not good. Admitting that they had not been in the office much since the Straw Poll also decreased their grade. They would have received a B if everyone had not left shortly after 4 pm.

Santorum campaign – B – The state director and two staffers were on hand. They appeared to be busy and in the midst of moving to a different office. Based on what we saw and have heard, the Santorum campaign continues to chug along in Iowa.

Paul campaign – D minus – No one was there. A week and a half after the Straw Poll, the rest period should be over. Campaigns never stop and there is still a lot of work for Dr. Paul in Iowa. We resisted giving an F grade because they might have been out in the field. However, presidential campaign offices should not be closed at 3pm on a Thursday afternoon. Ever.

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