Bachmann’s online ads may have helped win Straw Poll

Michele Bachmann’s ad consultants targeted likely Iowa Republican primary voters with lots of online ads this summer, on Hulu shows and YouTube videos, and they believe it made a difference in her narrow victory in the Ames Straw Poll.

Politico says that while Democrats and independents in the Waterloo area “saw ads for cellphones or toothpaste as they loaded up local news clips, television shows on Hulu or college football highlights, likely caucus-goers got 15 or 30 seconds of Bachmann talking about her Waterloo heritage.”

Nick Everhart of Bachmann’s media consulting firm said: “In-stream and pre-roll online advertising was a medium we were able to use exclusively to deliver messaging for Bachmann, and we believe it was a real difference-maker.”

And the story says voters should get ready for more political online messages: Jon Huntsman’s and Rick Perry’s campaigns are inquiring about them, too.

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