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Florida Republicans knock Bachmann for skipping straw poll

Michele Bachmann will skip September’s Presidency 5 straw poll in Florida, and state GOPers are not happy.

In a Daily Caller article, Florida Republicans knocked the decision as disappointing and “a bad move.”

“This isn’t Iowa, where a campaign, in order to win, has to bus in people,” [Brian Hughes, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Florida] told The Daily Caller. “We are talking about delegates who already paid their way.”

“Presidency 5 is a real contest of ideas, not of who supplies the most corn dogs, fried butter and carnival tricks,” [media consultant Rick] Wilson added. “The 3,500 delegates are smart, active political folks from the grassroots who have a 100-percent track record of predicting the eventual nominee in a state that is a must-win in the nomination fight” …

“I don’t know how any campaign … can skip or alienate this important activist base in what I would argue is the most important swing state in the U.S.,” he argued. “The path to the White House goes through Florida.”

The Presidency 5 event features a debate and a poll of 3,500 Republican delegates who paid their way into the event, unlike the Iowa straw poll where campaigns were allowed to purchase tickets for voters.

Ron Paul, Herman Cain and Jon Hunstman are the only candidates to commit to the event so far. Mitt Romney and Bachmann will attend the debate but not participate in the poll.

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