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National Journal Insiders Poll has T-Paw 3rd, Bachmann 4th

The National Journal asked Republican insiders to rank the presidential contenders, letting them select their top five in terms of who is most likely to get the party’s nomination. The results and scores:

  • Mitt Romney, Index Score: 93
  • Rick Perry, Index Score: 74
  • Tim Pawlenty, Index Score: 40
  • Michele Bachmann, Index Score: 35
  • Jon Huntsman, Index Score: 22
  • Chris Christie, Index Score: 10
  • Herman Cain, Index Score: 3
  • Rudy Giuliani, Index Score: 3
  • Sarah Palin, Index Score: 3
  • Ron Paul, Index Score: 3

Comments about Pawlenty from the “insiders”:

“Maybe his Iowa organization brings him back to life in Ames.”

“Pawlenty will be the veep no matter who is nominated, unless T-Paw wins the Iowa Straw Poll. Then, watch out.”

“Has trouble closing, but is a solid citizen who can beat Obama.”

“Failure to launch.”

“Pawlenty’s best shot is if everyone above collapses.”

“The only story the press likes to write more than the end of a candidacy is the return to life of a candidacy seen as on the edge of defeat. That is the good news, but the reality is that’s hard to do.”

“He is running on fumes, but he can still turn it around.”

Their thoughts about Bachmann:

“She will never be nominated, but this is where she fits right now. She must win the straw poll impressively — not to be KO’d when Perry gets in. She does have an undeniable brand and passion on her side.”

“She will eventually implode, but for now she is formidable.”

“If Fox [News] determines our nominee the way it picked Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell.”

“Bachmann’s surge is already starting to hit a philosophical ceiling.”

“Too far out there for general election.”

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