No longer the new face in the race, Bachmann battles Perry

For a brief, shining moment, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann was the new face in the presidential race. Now she’s battling Texas Gov. Rick Perry for the spotlight, reports Politico.

Coming off the Ames Straw Poll victory, the story says:

Bachmann is feeling the effects of the latest GOP comet, Rick Perry. Her momentum, which ought to be on the rise, suddenly shows signs of ebbing amid questions of her electability. Her privileged position as the newest, hottest candidate in the GOP field has been usurped by the Texas governor, who’s also sped past her in the polls.

At events last week in South Carolina:

Bachmann drew many passionate supporters to four public events Thursday and Friday, but she also drew a good proportion of curiosity seekers who weren’t sold on her.

But there were some who are close to being sold, including Mike Wallace, a 46-year-old retail distributor in the Columbia area who told Politico he was undecided but impressed with Bachmann’s performance:

“She seems real. She speaks from the heart. She sticks to her guns.”

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  1. Submitted by C.S. Senne on 08/22/2011 - 02:52 pm.

    Hasn’t her “sell-by” date expired?

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