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Other GOP candidates vie for Pawlenty supporters

It didn’t take long for the other Republican candidates to start poaching Tim Pawlenty’s staff, donors and volunteers, says Politico’s Kendra Marr.

“Rick Santorum, Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney all made direct phone calls to key supporters, while other campaigns put out more indirect feelers,” says the story, which adds:

“They’re being very considerate, but you can tell they’re serious,” said Cliff Hurst, Pawlenty’s New Hampshire co-chair, who’s received a handful of phone calls, but didn’t name names. “They say what a wonderful person, how sorry they are — but I’m not sure how sorry they are.”

Some, though, need time before latching onto another bandwagon:

But for some Pawlenty supporters, there might not be any campaign for at least a while, said former Iowa GOP chairman Steve Grubbs, who is unaffiliated this cycle. Grubbs, a Davenport consultant who ran straw poll operations for Tommy Thompson in 2007, didn’t jump to another campaign after Thompson fizzled in Ames.

 “It depends how emotionally invested you are,” he said. “Not everyone gets emotionally invested. It’s like breaking up with your girlfriend — or she’s breaking up with you. You’re not going to jump to the next campaign right away.”

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