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Pawlenty’s exit video, as envisioned by Stephen Colbert

With all the grandeur and expensive production values that we saw in Tim Pawlenty’s campaign videos the past few months, Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert laments that the TPaw’s withdrawal from the race lacked all that “epic epicness.”

So his staff prepared their own fitting farewell announcement (at 3:02 into the clip) for the former Minnesota governor, combining his words of exit with images from epic moments in American history, from George Washington, to the moon walk, to a jet flyover. “Pawlenty 2012: It was disappointing.”

At the beginning of the same clip from the show, he takes a jab at Michele Bachmann, who’d just won the Ames Straw Poll. There’s video of her inviting people into her air-conditioned tent, with the promise of a petting zoo inside.

“Of course, at a Bachmann petting zoo, you are only allowed to pet animals of the opposite sex,” Colbert said.

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