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Twitter likes Perry more than Bachmann #trending

If you follow the presidential race via Twitter — and who doesn’t? — then it appears Texas Gov. Rick Perry is the man.

(Would that make Congresswoman Michele Bachmann the hombre-ette?)

Aaron Blake and Chris Cillizza in the Washington Post’s The Fix blog use Twitter statistics to make the point:

While the terms “Rick Perry” and “Michele Bachmann” were getting roughly the same number of mentions throughout July, Perry has taken off in August in a way that Bachmann hasn’t. He has had more than 4,000 mentions each day of this week, while Bachmann cracked 2,000 mentions just once — the day she won the straw poll. (A comparison of “Perry” and “Bachmann” yields a similar gap.)

It’s all about the buzz:

The problem is that Bachmann is no longer the buzziest candidate in the race. And that could be damaging to her campaign.

Bachmann’s campaign was built on buzz. As the rest of the GOP presidential field left many Republicans voters uninspired and looking for alternatives — and as other candidates like Mitt Romney quietly bided their time — she filled that gap and got the media attention that went along with it.

Adding Perry to the mix, though, creates problems. All of a sudden, there is another buzzy and quotable candidate who many in the media think is actually capable of winning the race. And largely because of that latter fact, Bachmann has suffered.

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