Bachmann drops to 3% in Fox News national poll

Not much for Michele Bachmann to cheer about in a new Fox News poll that came out Wednesday night, which shows Mitt Romney at the top, with Rick Perry falling to second and Herman Cain jumping into third.

Bachmann gets 3 percent support in the poll. She’s fallen steadily in recent Fox polls: 15 percent in mid-July; 13 percent in early August; and 8 percent in late August.

The results from the Sept. 25-27 national poll, taken after the Florida debate and Cain’s surprise straw poll victory:

  • Mitt Romney, 23%
  • Rick Perry, 19%
  • Herman Cain, 17%
  • Newt Gingrich, 11%
  • Ron Paul, 6%
  • Jon Huntsman, 4%
  • Michele Bachmann, 3%
  • Rick Santorum, 3%

Slightly better results for Bachmann came on the poll question: Which one of the Republican presidential candidates do you have the most in common with? The results:

  • Rick Perry, 17%
  • Herman Cain, 14%
  • Mitt Romney, 12%
  • Michele Bachmann, 10%
  • Newt Gingrich, 7%
  • Ron Paul, 6%
  • Jon Huntsman, 2%
  • Rick Santorum, 2%.

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  1. Submitted by Tom Christensen on 09/29/2011 - 01:21 pm.

    Bachmann has taken the very same path Pawlenty took. Keep throwing radical positions out there in hopes that something will stick. She will keep getting more and more radicals as long as the money holds out then she will exit the same way Pawlenty did. We don’t have long to wait now before she’ll have to find another job.

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