Bachmann’s small donors help fuel presidential bid

Michele Bachmann has always been adept at raising small campaign contributions from lots of donors, and that is a handy skill in her presidential bid, says Bloomberg News:

The Minnesota congresswoman began raising money for a presidential bid in mid-June, two weeks before the second- quarter fundraising reporting deadline of June 30. In that period, she raised as much money from donors who gave less than $200 — a total of $1.1 million — as primary rival Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts Governor, did in more than two months.

Bachmann’s reliance on small donors has been a hallmark of her House career, and it’s an asset that can provide dividends in a Republican presidential primary where her strongest competitors — Texas Governor Rick Perry and Romney — are vying for a smaller pool of big donors to generate cash for their campaigns.

It’s worked before:

It’s a tactic President Barack Obama used in 2007 to bring momentum to his campaign and keep pace with the more experienced fundraising team recruited by Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primary. Obama raised half of his primary money in amounts of $200 or less, while chief rival Clinton raised one- third from small check writers.

And Bachmann’s team continues to mine the small donors with advertising on conservative websites like the Drudge Report and Newsmax to build her donor base, the story says:

“That’s where you get a lot of those small contributions,” said Alice Stewart, a campaign spokeswoman. “Small contributions have been the lifeblood of Michele Bachmann’s campaign. Another benefit of having small donors is the fact that many small donors mean many votes. We just as soon have the quantity of contributions as compared with high dollars.”

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  1. Submitted by Paul Brandon on 09/12/2011 - 03:51 pm.

    Problem is…. ten thousand donors is a lot of donors, but not a lot of voters.

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