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Huge Iowa focus was strategic mistake, Pawlenty says

Looking back, Tim Pawlenty realizes that putting all his eggs in the Iowa basket was a mistake.

The Des Moines Register summarizing — through an Iowa prism — Pawlenty’s interview on MSNBC this week, says:

Failed presidential candidateTim Pawlenty admitted this morning that it was a strategic blunder to dump so much campaign cash into trying to win the Iowa Straw Poll instead of pacing himself better. 


Pawlenty even said he probably could have skipped the Ames Straw Poll, where he placed third and promptly withdrew. Especially because winning that poll hasn’t helped Michele Bachmann in the following weeks.

Still, Pawlenty said in the television interview, the Ames Straw Poll does have some importance:

“It’s not irrelevant in this sense, because the press pays disproportionate attention to it. It’s relevant as a news event. It’s relevant as a sorting out filter for candidates like me to either take a step forward or take a step out. So is it ultimately going to determine the Iowa caucuses? No. But is it one step along the process that either gets you some momentum or loses you some momentum, yes.”

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