‘Outsider’ Bachmann makes her way without GOP aid

Michele Bachmann is taking her presidential case to the people without much help from traditional Republican Party leaders, the Los Angeles Times reports.

In fact, she’s considered an outsider by many of her colleagues on Capitol Hill.

Says the story:

It is difficult to find Republicans willing to discuss her on the record. House leaders have kept their distance and rarely rewarded her with legislative responsibilities. Bachmann was recently criticized by other Republicans in a private meeting where members blamed her near-constant cycle of television appearances for undermining the House Republican message.

Bachmann embraces her outsider status and appears not to be concerned about what other party members think of her. Her attempts to influence Congress are rooted in what many in Washington dub “the outside game,” perhaps best illustrated by her role in bringing “tea party” protesters to the Capitol. On the campaign trail, she aligns herself with conservatives who feel the Republican Party has lost its way.

And the story notes:

As a media figure, Bachmann has managed to make life difficult for her leadership. When Bachmann went on television in March and declared that the healthcare law had “secretly” hidden $105 billion in spending, leadership aides spent days trying to convince their members, particularly freshmen, that no hidden fund existed.

In April, two days after she dismissed a Republican effort to support a budget deal, frustration among her colleagues boiled over. At a private meeting of Republicans, New Jersey Rep. Jon Runyan, a former Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle, issued a broad warning about how a showboat can divide a team — bringing up the notorious loudmouth wide receiver Terrell Owens. North Carolina Rep. Virginia Foxx called out Bachmann by name for undermining GOP aims.

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