Pawlenty wanted Fox News job but didn’t get it

In a story about Roger Ailes, the Fox News chairman, and how he seems to be pulling the network back, a bit, on its conservative rhetoric as a way to attract a more moderate audience, there’s a tidbit about former Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

The story, in Newsweek’s The Daily Beast Blog, says:

Three weeks after dropping out of the race, Tim Pawlenty showed up to ask for a gig at Fox. But there was a complication: Pawlenty was on the verge of endorsing Romney. “I’m not sure I want to sign you as a paid spokesman for Romney,” Ailes said.

The story uses the Pawlenty anecdote as an example of how Ailes is toning things down a bit, as he appears to be:

acting not like a political operative but as a corporate chieftain who knows that fostering friction and picking fights make for good television — and good business. Next fall’s election could well pivot on whether Ailes is more interested in scoring political points or ramping up ratings and revenue.

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