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Perry’s entry has eroded Bachmann’s support

“The Fix” blog from the Washington Post looks at how Texas Gov.

“The Fix” blog from the Washington Post looks at how Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s entrance into the presidential race has hurt Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s numbers, after her campaign looked so promising after the Ames Straw Poll victory last month.

New polls and a staff shakeup “raise serious questions about her ability to recapture the momentum that shot her into the top tier over the summer,” the story says.


The first — and most obvious — is that the entrance of Texas Gov. Rick Perry into the 2012 contest has effectively robbed Bachmann of her status as the burgeoning tea party darling.

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Bachmann is also grappling with a Republican party that is a) laser focused on economic issues — even among those who describe themselves as social conservatives and b) desperate to nominate someone who can beat President Obama.

 She is not viewed as the strongest candidate on either front and that’s why she has tumbled so precipitously in the ballot test.

 Is it too late for her campaign to rebound?

It’s worth remembering that there are still 153 days before the first votes of the 2012 race are taken in Iowa on Feb. 6. And Bachmann came from nowhere to become a contender — and remains that same charismatic figure that won the Ames Straw Poll last month.

But these poll numbers suggest that Bachmann is heading in the wrong direction in the race and needs to find a way to turn things around — and fast.