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Bachmann avoids questions about re-election to Congress

If this presidential run doesn’t work out for U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, will she run for another term in Congress from Minnesota’s 6th District? It’s not a question worth answering, Bachmann implied on CNN Sunday, because she’s so focused on the Republican nomination for president.

And her campaign is not faltering, she insisted in the interview with Candy Crowley on “State of the Union.”

Bachmann twice declined to respond directly to the House re-election question, saying: “I am running for president of the United States.”

Bachmann suspended her House re-election effort when she jumped into the presidential race but has until June 5 to make a final decision on running for a fourth term, in what will be a somewhat different district following redistricting.

And Bachmann said she isn’t fazed by recent poll numbers showing a dramatic slump in her fortunes:

“We’re just starting a kick-off today of four days here in New Hampshire and we’ve got a wonderful experience in Iowa and we’ve been in South Carolina, Florida, we’ve worked very hard and we have very strong numbers in those states and we’re looking forward to continuing that.”

The recent Florida straw poll: No big deal, she said.

“We did not participate in the Florida straw poll. We didn’t participate at all so the ranking is completely inaccurate.”

The Iowa Straw Poll, which she won — on Aug. 13 — that’s the important gauge, she said:

“That poll is the only poll of all the ones that you’ve mentioned where anyone in the state can participate. It’s the most reflective of an actual primary election or caucus and that’s why we were excited to win that poll.”

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