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No Minnesota references in the last five presidential debates

Here’s an interesting analysis from the University of Minnesota’s great Smart Politics blog: Over the last five Republican presidential debates, Texas Gov. Rick Perry has mentioned his home state more often (83 times) than the rest of the candidates have referenced theirs, combined (46).

For her part, Michele Bachmann has not talked about Minnesota once, though she has brought up her birth state of Iowa, the analysis shows.

Smart Politics notes that since Perry joined the race, overall mentions of the Lone Star State have eclipsed those of any other state as Perry extols his record and his opponents look to undermine it:

A Smart Politics content analysis of the five Republican debates that have been conducted since Rick Perry took the stage finds that Texas accounts for 125 of the 231 references to the nation’s 50 states, or 54.1 percent, with Perry accounting for 83 of them.

Meanwhile, the field has not mentioned 34 states, including Bachmann’s Minnesota.

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  1. Submitted by Dale Carlton on 10/31/2011 - 05:52 pm.

    Bachmann probably is aware that Minnesota hasn’t gone GOP for president since Nixon in 1972.
    I’ve already apologized to George Mc Govern!

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