Pawlenty: least influential person in the world?

Tim Pawlenty’s presidential campaign never really took off — but does his “hilariously pointless” 2012 run really qualify him as the “least influential person in the world?”

GQ thinks so. Pawlenty topped its year-end list of the world’s 25 least influential people, which ran in the magazine’s December issue and was published online Tuesday.

Here’s what writer Drew Magary had to say about Pawlenty:

Every election season produces a number of hilariously pointless candidates who have no chance of winning. Some of them have value as novelty items. Look! It’s Alan Keyes, the token black Republican! And over there! It’s David Duke! He’s a racist! These are the fun, fringy candidates. The Sharpton Sector, if you will. Then there are folks like Pawlenty, who fail to register even as novelties. T-Paw (as he calls himself) spent much of 2011 as a six-foot-tall paperweight, an aggressively forgettable fellow perfectly suited to the role of debate filler. The $1 million he spent to lose the Iowa straw poll might as well have been burned in front of a group of orphan.

Pawlenty is in decent enough company — GQ’s list also includes indisputably influential people like House Speaker John Boehner and President Barack Obama.

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