Bachmann campaign lays out its path to victory

Michele Bachmann’s campaign manager says his candidate will win next month’s Iowa caucuses by appealing to “teavangelical” voters, then ride her success there to victory in South Carolina, setting up a showdown between Bachmann and a “non-conservative” for the Republican nomination.

Keith Nahigian outlined the plan in a web video the campaign released today. It follows the same basic strategy the campaign highlighted in September.

Bachmann has a leg-up in Iowa, Nahigian says, because of her roots in the state. She’ll gain the support of the state’s evangelical voters and its tea party-aligned Republicans. The campaign refers to that voting bloc as the “Teavangelicals.”

“When Michele Bachmann goes to Iowa, she’s not visiting. She’s going home,” Nahigian said.

The video highlights the campaign’s Iowa organization, saying its 99 county chairs will organize thousands of precinct captains for caucus night.

Once Bachmann wins in Iowa, they’ll focus on South Carolina, which holds its primary on January 21.

“Our foundation that we’ve laid in South Carolina makes her unlike any other Iowa winner in the past,” Nahigian says, though he doesn’t go into detail on this point.

From there, the campaign promises a showdown between Bachmann and a “non-conservative” candidate going into Florida, which votes on January 31. In other words, Bachmann is trying to set herself up as the conservative who can take on Mitt Romney for the Republican nomination.

Up to this point in the race, the Republican front-runners have been Romney, with a steady level of support, and a series of more conservative alternatives who have seen their popularity spike and quickly fall. Bachmann will need to take momentum away from Newt Gingrich, who now leads in national and early state polling, if she wants to be in that position.

Bachmann remains in the high single digits in most Iowa polls, usually in fourth or fifth place in the state. In South Carolina, her numbers are slightly lower.

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  1. Submitted by Jan Menke on 12/10/2011 - 12:23 pm.

    Bachmann’s path to victory? That will probably be chronicled in an upcoming collection titled, “Shortest Trips in History”.

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