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Bachmann stuck in the single digits in Iowa

Less than a month before the Iowa caucuses, Michele Bachmann remains in the single digits in the state, according to two polls released this weekend.
In a Des Moines Register poll, Bachmann checks in at 8 percent, behind Newt Gingrich (25 percent), R

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Bachmann, winner of the Iowa straw poll in August, has maintained her support since October, but that’s a steep drop-off compared with June, when she polled at 22 percent, second only to Romney’s 23 percent.

Bachmann, a Minnesota congresswoman, is the candidate more likely caucusgoers have seen than any other, at 20 percent.

In the least-liked contest, Bachmann gets the blue ribbon. Romney shares her company, with 15 percent.

Women dislike her more than any other candidate (19 percent).

Where Bachmann leads is in her reputation for opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage: 27 percent say she is the most socially conservative. That’s the only category she leads of the 13 positive attributes tested.