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MinnPOTUS focused on Minnesota’s presidential candidate, U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, and former candidate Tim Pawlenty. MinnPOTUS has the latest news and insights about the Bachmann and Pawlenty campaign activities, as well as reports on what their competitors are doing and saying. MinnPost political reporters — including Eric Black, Devin Henry, Doug Grow and Joe Kimball — will contribute to MinnPOTUS.

Key Iowa conservative group will not endorse

The Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition, a group made up of conservative Christians influential in the sphere of voters targeted most heavily by Michele Bachmann, has said they will not endorse a Republican presidential nominee before the state holds i

DFL chair compares Bachmann to Wellstone

The chairman of the Minnesota DFL Party had some unusually kind words for presidential candidate Michele Bachmann on Monday, comparing her to liberal icon Paul Wellstone.
To be clear, DFL chairman Ken Martin dismissed her political ideology, but sa

Bachmann keeps the heat on Gingrich

Over the weekend, Michele Bachmann again accused Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich of supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants and released a letter the former House speaker signed in 2004 to try and prove it.
In the letter, Gingrich

Bachmann to kick off book tour at MOA

Michele Bachmann will return to Minnesota this week for a Black Friday book signing at the Mall of America.
Bachmann’s book, “Core of Conviction,” hits shelves Monday. Her Barnes and Noble signing will start at 8:00 a.m.

Trump, Fallon on Bachmann’s NYC schedule

Michele Bachmann is in New York City today to meet with Donald Trump and tape an episode of “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” CNN reports.
The meeting with Trump is Bachmann’s fourth with the real estate mogul who teased a presidential run of his own

AP: Bachmann book details past, politics

Michele Bachmann’s memoir “Core of Conviction,” on sale Monday, tells of Bachmann’s rise through the political ranks and brings readers right up to her current, flagging run for president. 
The Associated Press got a copy of the book, which describ

Cain: Bachmann is like ‘tutti-frutti’

Herman Cain, the leading Republican presidential candidate who once deflected categorization as the political “flavor of the week” by comparing himself to Häagen-Dazs black walnut ice cream, told GQ he has the perfect ice cream flavor for Michele Ba

Bachmann: I’d ‘beat [Sandusky] to a pulp.’

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On Sunday’s Meet the Press, Michele Bachmann said the child sex abuse scandal that has embroiled Penn State University is a “horrific” event, and she’d seek out the coach invo

Bachmann campaign complains of debate questioning

Just minutes after Saturday night’s CBS News-National Journal Republican presidential debate, the Michele Bachmann campaign accused debate organizers of “outragous manipulation” by suppressing the number of questions she would receive.
A campaign s

‘Occupy’ protesters interrupt Bachmann speech

A group of “Occupy” protesters interrupted a Michele Bachmann speech in South Carolina on Thursday, causing the candidate to briefly leave the stage.
Bachmann was delivering a major foreign policy speech when a group of protesters in the audience s

Wednesday’s debate in a word: ‘Oops’

Here’s the moment the pundits are talking about today, when Rick Perry awkwardly grasped for the identity of the third public agency he would abolish as president.

Perry has been a pretty terrible debater (in September he tried to call Mitt Romney

Bachmann says Obama should apologize to Netanyahu

Michele Bachmann said President Obama should apologize to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu following a remark Obama reportedly made during a G20 event last week.
“Today we learned in word what we have already seen from President Obama thr

The history of ‘frugal socialists’

It turns out Michele Bachmann’s new catchphrase “frugal socialist,” which she used in a not-so-subtle shot at presidential rival Mitt Romney yesterday, was not introduced by the Minnesota Congresswoman.
The University of Minnesota’s Smart Politics

Bush, Reagan adviser helped write Bachmann autobiography

Jim Pinkerton, a former speechwriter and adviser for Presidents Bush (41) and Reagan, helped write Michele Bachmann’s finished, forthcoming autobiography, Politico reports.
Pinkerton is a Newsday columnist and a Fox News contributor, according to h