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MinnPOTUS focused on Minnesota’s presidential candidate, U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, and former candidate Tim Pawlenty. MinnPOTUS has the latest news and insights about the Bachmann and Pawlenty campaign activities, as well as reports on what their competitors are doing and saying. MinnPost political reporters — including Eric Black, Devin Henry, Doug Grow and Joe Kimball — will contribute to MinnPOTUS.

Bachmann spoofed on Bad Lip Reading site

The parody website Bad Lip Reading has added a Michele Bachmann spoof.
It’s oddly funny.
They’ve done President Obama, Rick Perry and assorted entertainers, too.
Someone’s got too much time on their hands.

Chris Christie is still a no

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is — still — not running for president.
“Now is not my time,” Christie said in a press conference Tuesday afternoon.

Despite troubles, Bachmann plans New Hampshire tour

Falling poll numbers, departing staffers and a crucial fund-raising report coming Friday may all spell trouble for Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign, but she’s soldiering onward and has scheduled a New Hampshire tour for next we

Top aides leaving Bachmann campaign

Michele Bachmann’s campaign pollster, Ed Goeas, and senior adviser, Andy Parrish, have left the Minnesota congresswoman’s struggling presidential campaign, the Associated Press reported Monday.
Parrish and two other aides, a deputy spokesman and a

Is Bachmann in trouble even in Iowa?

While Michele Bachmann maintains that her road to the presidency goes through Iowa, and that the road appears driveable, the Los Angeles Times reports that roadblocks are appearing:
After she formally announced her candidacy at her birthplace of

Bachmann: ‘Arab Spring’ a bad thing, caused by Obama

While many have thought that the recent movements in Arab countries to throw off longtime dictators are a good thing, maybe even a step towards democracy in those lands, Michele Bachmann disagrees.
She told an audience in North Carolina Thursday th

Bachmann cites her rising poll numbers, but are they?

Continuing her push in Iowa, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is citing her “rising poll numbers” in an email to supporters asking for more campaign contributions.
But, the Des Moines Register notes, her poll numbers in Iowa are actually down.
An Am

Bachmann: ‘We can’t settle’ for Perry on immigration

Michele Bachmann has released a second web video targeted at Rick Perry, this time on immigration.
In the video, Bachmann said conservatives shouldn’t settle for a president who supported moderate illegal immigration policies like those Perry has p

Bachmann has five Iowa events early next week

After a swing through North Carolina this week, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann hits the campaign trail again in Iowa, where she has to do well in the caucuses to stay alive in the Republican presidential race.
On Monday, she’s in Sioux City and Cou

Bachmann drops to 3% in Fox News national poll

Not much for Michele Bachmann to cheer about in a new Fox News poll that came out Wednesday night, which shows Mitt Romney at the top, with Rick Perry falling to second and Herman Cain jumping into third.
Bachmann gets 3 percent support in the poll

Bachmann campaigns in North Carolina this week

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann may be planting her presidential hopes deep in the Iowa soil, but she’s getting around the rest of the country a bit, too.
On Thursday, she’s scheduled to attend events in North Carolina, says the Charlotte Observer.

Pawlenty wanted Fox News job but didn’t get it

In a story about Roger Ailes, the Fox News chairman, and how he seems to be pulling the network back, a bit, on its conservative rhetoric as a way to attract a more moderate audience, there’s a tidbit about former Gov.

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