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MinnPOTUS focused on Minnesota’s presidential candidate, U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, and former candidate Tim Pawlenty. MinnPOTUS has the latest news and insights about the Bachmann and Pawlenty campaign activities, as well as reports on what their competitors are doing and saying. MinnPost political reporters — including Eric Black, Devin Henry, Doug Grow and Joe Kimball — will contribute to MinnPOTUS.

Bachmann visits Tennessee for rally and fundraiser

Michele Bachmann held a $125 per person Christian rally and then a $1,000 per person fundraiser Friday near Nashville, Tenn.
The events were closed to reporters, but she did speak to the media briefly before the rally, The Tennessean reports:

Wiig portrays Bachmann in ‘SNL’ debate skit

If you missed “Saturday Night Live,” the opening skit lampooning a Republican Presidential Debate is worth taking a look at.
Kristen Wiig has Michele Bachmann down pat.
Keenan Thompson, as former pizza chain executive Herman Cain, had a great line

Small donations not paying off for Bachmann

A New York Times story about Michele Bachmann’s financing concerns notes that her penchant for raising lots of money from many small donations — which worked wonders in her congressional campaigns — may not be working so well in a national race.

Bachmann lags, Romney rules in New Hampshire poll

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is far back in the pack with just 5 percent support in the latest New Hampshire Republican primary poll.
The Suffolk University poll shows Mitt Romney far ahead of all other contenders, with a 27-point lead over runne

Former Pawlenty spokesman signs on with Marco Rubio

ORLANDO, Fla. — Alex Conant, the chief spokesman for the Tim Pawlenty presidential campaign, has signed on to work as the press secretary for Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.
Conant will start his new job on Oct. 3, according to the St. Petersburg Times.

Don’t let Iranian leader speak to U.N., Bachmann says

Just as we’re hearing that the Iranian hikers are free comes a report that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann wants to ban Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from speaking at the United Nations.
She says he’s an outlaw and shouldn’t be allowed in th

New York Times looks at Bachmann’s misstatements

There’s been no shortage of stories about Michele Bachmann’s propensity for being a little loose with the facts in some of her speeches and pronouncements, but now the New York Times expounds on it for a wider audience.
The story focuses on her sta

Some Hawkeye is in trouble for Bachmann ‘cougar’ tweet

The University of Iowa says it’s sorry that someone tweeted from its account a lame joke about Congresswoman Michele Bachmann being a cougar, AP says.
Apparently a mountain lion was spotted in Iowa City, and a tweet went out from the school saying:

Everglades protector to Bachmann: No drilling here

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s plan to bring $2 gas and more energy independence to America led to her recent statement about looking for more energy in the U.S, “whether that is in the Everglades, or whether that is in the eastern Gulf region, or

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