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MinnPOTUS focused on Minnesota’s presidential candidate, U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, and former candidate Tim Pawlenty. MinnPOTUS has the latest news and insights about the Bachmann and Pawlenty campaign activities, as well as reports on what their competitors are doing and saying. MinnPost political reporters — including Eric Black, Devin Henry, Doug Grow and Joe Kimball — will contribute to MinnPOTUS.

Pawlenty holds D.C. debt fundraiser

As part of his efforts to retire the debt his presidential campaign incurred during the ramp up to the Iowa straw poll, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty held a big-name fundraiser in Washington on Tuesday night.
U.S. Reps.

Pawlenty endorsement of Romney seen as maybe swaying others

Tim Pawlenty’s endorsement of Mitt Romney in the Republican presidential race might persuade other moderate Republicans to join the Romney camp, says Adam Sorenson in Time’s blog Swampland.
For “high-profile Republicans sitting on the sidelines, st

Perry also sought T-Paw endorsement, but Romney got it

In a story today about how the Republican elite are increasingly looking to Mitt Romney as the candidate to beat President Obama, the New York Times includes a tidbit about Tim Pawlenty.
The story says Pawlenty’s endorsement of Romney on Monday “si

Bachmann mailers hit Perry twice

Michele Bachmann did what she had to do at Monday night’s Republican presidential debate — she hit Rick Perry’s record, and hard.
She followed it up with two quick emailed statements, both going after Perry’s executive order mandating HPV vaccines

Bachmann’s small donors help fuel presidential bid

Michele Bachmann has always been adept at raising small campaign contributions from lots of donors, and that is a handy skill in her presidential bid, says Bloomberg News:
The Minnesota congresswoman began raising money for a presidential bid in

Tim Pawlenty endorses Mitt Romney

Tim Pawlenty announced Monday morning that he is endorsing Mitt Romney in the Republican presidential nomination contest.
In a message to supporters from the Romney campaign, Pawlenty lauded Romney’s conservative platform, experience as Massachuset

Bachmann has the ‘Worst Week in Washington’

WASHINGTON — Minnesota’s own Michele Bachmann had the “Worst Week in Washington,” according to the Washington Post political blogger Chris Cilizza.
Bachmann has seen her presidential polling numbers dwindle and her role as the font-runner in Iowa f

Huge Iowa focus was strategic mistake, Pawlenty says

Looking back, Tim Pawlenty realizes that putting all his eggs in the Iowa basket was a mistake.
The Des Moines Register summarizing — through an Iowa prism — Pawlenty’s interview on MSNBC this week, says:
Failed presidential candidateTim Pawlen

Bachmann going all-in in Iowa to keep campaign alive

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann had success once in Iowa, and now she’s betting she can parlay her Iowa roots and last month’s Straw Poll win into a caucus victory this winter.
Starting this weekend, she “plans to campaign almost exclusively in the

Pawlenty: Romney could lure independents and Dems

Tim Pawlenty hasn’t formally endorsed any of his former competitors in the GOP presidential race (although he did jokingly try to lend his support to entertainer Stephen Colbert this week), but he did say some nice things about Mitt Romney Wednesday

CBS News asks: ‘Is Bachmann finished?’

The consensus among the pundit-ocracy seems to be that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann didn’t shine in Wednesday night’s debate in California, but CBS News is carrying it one step further.
The headline on its story asks: “Is Michele Bachmann finishe

Lots on the line for Bachmann in tonight’s debate

A debate tonight among the Republican presidential contenders may be crucial for the campaign of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.
After a strong summer, she has swooned in the polls and would seem to need a jump-start in this debate at the Ronald Re

Bachmann’s 2002 website features familiar issues

Slate digs up old websites from previous campaigns of the GOP presidential candidates, and if you click through to Michele Bachmann’s 2002 state Senate campaign site, you’ll find many familiar issues:
My Commitment to You
“As your Distr

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