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Monopoly with Brandon

David Gillette of Twin Cities PBS’ “Almanac” opens up about his internal pile of emotional damage, mostly from playing a certain board game with a certain “confusing” friend named Brandon.

Beyond the panic stage

As someone who made several failed leaps at the system, if I can save even a single other person from that whole experience, that’s a good day at the office.

It should be cool

Give David Gillette just 20 years to decide unilaterally what’s cool, and you’ll be riding a Segway on the moon.

We see what we see

When current events disrupt our sometimes-narrow perspective on life, through fear and doubt, we all must choose a path forward.

What is snow?

In Minnesota, snow is the best psychological indication of whether you’ve surrendered child-like joy and become a grumpy old man.

Stress veggies

On the day the CSA box arrives, the countdown clock starts on the pounds of broccoli and cauliflower that need to be consumed before they turn into compost in the refrigerator.

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