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Is our famous system of ‘checks and balances’ breaking down?

The latest evidence comes from the fight over President Trump’s beloved border wall, but boils down to the question of whether Trump will succeed in transferring the power of the purse from Congress, where the Framers of the Constitution put it, to the executive branch.

Ilhan Omar dials back rhetoric in sober, thoughtful op-ed

Her piece in the Washington Post speaks respectfully of the “horror of the Holocaust” and the historic suffering of Jews, which might buy space for her to ask Israel and its American allies to acknowledge that the creation of Israel has been a tragedy for the Palestinian people.

As Americans fret about socialism, a peek at France

“France has prospered. It has a vibrant private sector,” writes Roger Cohen in the New York Times. “It is a capitalist economy, among the world’s seven largest. Its socialism is no European exception.”