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Next Degree

Colleges doing more to help freshmen survive and thrive

COLUMBIA, S.C.—Eight freshmen in flip-flops, shorts, and T-shirts assemble around a library table at the University of South Carolina to puzzle out homework from an introductory accounting class.

Beloit College Mindset List says Class of 2014 can’t write cursive

BOSTON — If you’re a college freshman this fall, the Beloit College Mindset List says you can’t write cursive.
That’s OK, Billy Madison couldn’t either in the 1995 film. He failed to correctly write “buzz” and “Rizzuto” in cursive.

New assessment grades colleges on basis of curriculum requirements

Families looking for colleges that give students a broad foundation in required “core” classes have a new tool available. grades more than 700 colleges and universities on their general education requirements.

For-profit colleges hit with claims of fraud, aggressive recruiting

In a blurry video, a financial aid officer at a for-profit college tells an applicant to leave off any mention of a $250,000 inheritance when filling out aid applications, saying it’s really not the government’s business.
The applicant was an under

‘Tis the season for Fulbrights and other awards

Fourteen University of Minnesota graduate and undergraduate students are Fulbright scholars, and three early-career educators from Minnesota have received five-year, $150,000 fellowships from the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation.