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McFadden responds to Franken’s first 2014 TV ad

After Franken tied his community colleges bill to jobs, McFadden cited youth unemployment in a speech to GOP seniors.

McFadden spoke Tuesday morning at a meeting of the Republican Seniors of Minnesota in Bloomington.
MinnPost photo by Brian Halliday

Sen. Al Franken and U.S. Senate candidate Mike McFadden both talked about job creation today. Franken did so via a new TV ad that focuses on a bill he introduced to create partnerships between manufacturers and community colleges to produce better-trained workers.

McFadden did so during a brief interview after remarks he made Tuesday morning at a meeting of the Republican Seniors of Minnesota in Bloomington.

“I am a proponent of anything that creates job in the private sector, but what Al Franken has done is put regulation upon regulation upon businesses that has caused there to be less jobs,” he said. “The unemployment rate of people 20 to 29 is 11 percent. The crime is that we have the opportunity to get the economy going to jump start it, and I know how to do that.”

In his prepared remarks, McFadden offered the Republican seniors a taste — just a taste — of a jobs creation policy he would pursue in the Senate.

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“I am a huge proponent of the energy industry,” he said. “As a businessman that’s worked in manufacturing around manufacturers my whole career, I know that with low-cost energy, we have a manufacturing renaissance. We can manufacture competitively on a global basis. That’s how you increase jobs, that’s how you increase wages.”

For some media members, McFadden has been maddeningly vague on policy positions, but promised to make a more detailed statements on jobs and business policy soon.

“It’s Minnesota’s sweet spot; it’s my sweet spot,” he said.