It’s time for Minnesota to approve medical aid in dying

Medical aid-in-dying legislation offers lawmakers a rare trifecta: widespread public support, conclusive data that the option will protect patients and improve end-of-life care, and it costs next to nothing to implement.

Why a budget tie is a win for Minnesota Democrats

In warfare, a tie in battle eventually becomes a win for the team that can maintain superior resources. That’s the case regarding the compromise deal between Minnesota Democrats and Republicans over the state budget.

#MeToo progress and the bravery of Christine Blasey Ford

Christine Blasey Ford has ignited a fire in me that none of my prior feminist idols had been able to light. She is a real person, not an idol. She is a professor, a mom, a wife, a woman. She could be any of us. That was what stuck with me.

Trump and the problem with pardons

My research, along with my military experience, shows that these pardons can potentially corrode the U.S. military’s culture of ethics and respect for the law of war, with effects lasting for decades.