Community is at the heart of what makes a city

The conversation on gentrification needs to shift to people first. Who lives in the neighborhood? What are their stories? What are their needs? How can they use their talents to create the change they want to see in their community?

Home care crisis: Lawmakers can help ease it

Our society’s concern or indifference toward home care workers speaks volumes to the value we put on the lives of the parents, grandparents and the people with disabilities they care for.

Age as identity: Are we allowing it to define us too much?

Let’s do away with tired, lazy stereotypes — for example, of smug, entitled millennials attached to their phones with no respect for others, and ornery, technologically challenged seniors with mental decline.

How Columbine became a blueprint for school shooters

After 20 years, it’s time to rewrite the script being rehearsed with young people. It starts with no names, no photos and no notoriety for mass shooters in media coverage.

Attempting to remake the Middle East, one decision at a time

The potential for a strong Iranian retaliation — beyond designations and sanctions — is very real after President Trump’s April 8 speech,  especially in three important locations in the region where American interests are at stake: Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen.

Protect the BWCA: The stakes are high

Without attempts to implement more protective regulations, the opportunities for posterity to enjoy a pristine wilderness area might be dwindling.