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Walker Art Center: A mash note to Minnesota


by Matt Peiken

Devon Fox of Wheat Ridge, Colo., appears qualified for any number of jobs — travel agent, the director of an upper Midwestern tourism bureau, or perhaps he’ll be the focus of a bidding war between the Walker and Guthrie Theater to land his services as a publicist. Devon has time to make his decision — he’s 10 years old. Our assessment of his career prospects comes after his fan letter reached us by email, courtesy of his father (we leave his grammar and punctuation intact):

“I’ve been to many vacation spots. So far, I’ve been to Hawaii, Illinois, New York, San Francisco, New Jersey, South Dakota, Estes Park, Arizona, Utah, Washington D.C., Montana, Wyoming, Texas, and Mexico, but there are three reasons Minnesota is the best vacation spot.

The first reason that the best vacation spot in the world is Minnesota is because they have the Mall of America! At the Mall of America, they have game stores, grocery stories, clothing stores, jewelry shops, restaurants, and movie theatres. Also they have the famous Lego land! And towering over everything, is the amusement park inside the mall!!!!!!

The second reason that Minnesota is totally awesome is because of their amazing sculpture collection at Minnesota’s Sculpture Garden. My favorite sculpture is the ‘Cherry on a Spoon.’ The variety stretches from sculptures of life-sized people to gigantic (by gigantic I mean at least 20 feet high!) sculptures of fish. Their sculptures are placed in so many different places. One sculpture could be in a corner, and another could be stretched across a small lake.

The third reason that Minnesota is the best vacation spot is because of their theatre. Their theatre is the Guthrie Theatre. The architecture is simply amazing: they have windows jutting out of the wall and the building looks like 4 boxes stacked unevenly on top of one another. But the best part about the Guthrie Theatre is their restaurant Cue. Cue has the most well prepared, perfectly cooked, exquisite meal I have ever tasted. I had the lamb chops and they were succulent and delicious!

Although there are many special places to visit, Minnesota is by far one of my favorites. I do, however, look forward to exploring many new places I have yet to see.”

— Devon R. Fox, 10 years old

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