Walker Art Center: The contemporary art faces of Facebook


Nate Solas blogged Wednesday about the Walker’s participation in ArtShare, a Facebook application allowing you (assuming you’re among the 230 gazillion registered users of Facebook) to show/share selected artwork from museums’ collections on your profile page. The Walker has its own Facebook profile, as do a couple dozen other contemporary art centers and museums around the U.S. and beyond.

A Facebook search for “contemporary art” pulled up some expected major players, a couple of independent magazines, corners devoted specific origin/ethnicity and a handful of thematic sentiments (there are about 350 members of I Enjoy Modern Art and That Doesn’t Make Me an Elitist A**hole).

Here are links to nearly three dozen Facebook profiles of a contemporary art bent: [Warning from MinnPost — you’ll need to be a Facebook member to pull up the profiles.]

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, of Washington, D.C. (175 members)

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art – contemporary extension (110 members)

Contemporary Art Museum of Houston teen arts council (70 members)

On the Boards, Seattle (160 members)

Museum of Contemporary Art, Cleveland (200 members)

Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (60 members)

Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston (30 members)

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, United Kingdom (60 members)

Fort Collins Museum of Contemporary Art, Colorado (20 fans)

Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, Turkey (1,570 members)

Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts (40 members)

International Contemporary Art and Design Lovers (780 members)

Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art, Winnipeg (710 members)

Axis — Online Resource for Contemporary Art (800 members)

Chinese Contemporary Art (450 members)

Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia (410 members)

Contemporary Egyptian Artists (375 members)

International Academy of Art Palestine (350 members)

Connoisseurs of Contemporary African Art (275 members)

BM Suma Contemporary Art Center, of Istanbul, Turkey (280 members)

Contemporary Art: Singapore (240 members)

Art Summit Indonesia, a triennial international performing arts taking place in Jakarta (240 members)

Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art (200 members)

I Made Something at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago (15 members)

I Bet I can Find 10,000 People Who Love Contemporary Art (1,440 members)

I Enjoy Modern Art and That Doesn’t Make Me an Elitist A**hole (350 members)

Art Papers Magazine (2,100 members)

White Hot Magazine of Contemporary Art (1,350 members)

Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati (160 members)

Contemporary Art in Liverpool
(100 members)

Contemporary Jewish Museum (100 members)

Contemporary African Art (26 members)

British Contemporary Art (26 members)

Greek Contemporary Art (15 members)

Goteborg International Biennial of Contemporary Art!, Sweden (15 members)

Contemporary Ghanaian Artists
(8 members)

Filipino Contemporary Art, home listed in Switzerland (3 members)

Contemporary Art New Zealand
(3 members)

Cuban Contemporary Art, formed by a gallery in Spain (2 members)

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