Hotdishes, conjoined Joe Mauers and lovable Lutherans: Tweeters pick the new Twins mascot

In our inaugural #mp140 post, we asked MinnPost’s Twitter followers for a new mascot to go along with the new Twins ballpark. It became clear that many fans love T.C. Bear, so his job hasn’t been placed in jeopardy by our little contest. MinnPost has selected our favorite tweet, along with five honorable mentions.

Congratulations to our winner, Julie Blaha of Ramsey. Julie wins two tickets to the April 14 game against Toronto.

julieblaha My mascot pick is “Runny”. Not so much rounding home, or flowing lakes, but more commemorating MN’s abundant cold and flu season. #mp140

Honorable mentions:
How about an eskimo with a snowshovel and a thermos to dig out Target Field’s base paths during April games #mp140

justplainbob New mascot for the Twins? Two words: “Hot Dish”, a dancing tuna noodle casserole #MP140

jimhart3000 Cuddly conjoined Joe Mauer twins. They share an injured back. #mp140

MHMorgan Lars the Lovable Lutheran: A lovable chubby Middle aged, Twins cap, Khakis (sans-a-belt), pale blue oxford shirt Loafers. #mp140

justacoolcat As the new Twins mascott I suggest twin Mn Senators named Tax and Spend #mp140

Check Thursday for our next question.

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  1. Submitted by Robert Moffitt on 04/08/2009 - 04:15 pm.

    As communications director of the American Lung Association (and justplainbob), I should have thought of “Runny.” After all, I deal with respiratory disease and flu all the time!

    Congrats, Julie, and thanks, MP, for the honorable mention.

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