Pitch us a new Twins mascot!

What can you do with 140 characters? MinnPost puts its 2,200+ Twitter followers to the test as we launch the MP140. Every week we’ll be asking a question or two of our followers, looking for smart or funny or thoughtful replies within Twitter’s 140 character limit. Join us at Twitter.com/MinnPost and join in the fun. The best tweets to our queries will be republished in this blog. For our inaugural question, the Twitterer with the best response will receive two tickets to the April 14 Twins game against Toronto.

Our first question: With a new ballpark, the Twins should get a new mascot. Pitch us a new Twins mascot in 140 characters. Deadline for this question is 11 a.m. Wednesday, April 8.

Wednesday updates:

GarretFelder How about an eskimo with a snowshovel and a thermos to dig out Target Field’s base paths during April games #mp140

kimgarretson Prince Dylan, prancing around with a tambourine, harmonica and a glyph guitar in the shape of Kirby’s backside #mp140

julieblaha My mascot pick is “Runny”. Not so much rounding home, or flowing lakes, but more commemorating MN’s abundant cold and flu season.

justplainbob New mascot for the Twins? Two words: “Hot Dish”, a dancing tuna noodle casserole #MP140
childrenscancer Why not bring back Paul Bunyon- a burley man in buffalo plaid w/ a bat over shoulders instead of ax? #mp140

Tuesday update: Here are a couple of fresh responses – contest ends Wednesday morning!

JabezMcBoneston A tag team of Father Louis Hennepin and Alexander Ramsey #mp140

morriswm Lady Locks! A mermaid with very long but layered hair (like the Racehl) that cascades in sections like the mighty Mississippi. #mp140

litcanmnus make it a pitcher (beverage container) of gee, Old Milwaukee? #mp140

Monday update: Here are a few of the stand-outs so far…

jimhart3000 Cuddly conjoined Joe Mauer twins. They share an injured back. #mp140

MHMorgan Lars the Lovable Lutheran: A lovable chubby Middle aged, Twins cap, Khakis (sans-a-belt), pale blue oxford shirt Loafers. #mp140

justacoolcat As the new Twins mascott I suggest twin Mn Senators named Tax and Spend #mp140

autoclavicle The Dome Dog or whatever the new stadium equiv. will be. It gives someone an excuse to dress like a hotdog and dance around #mp140

threevolts “Joey” – a kangaroo with sideburns who hits slap singles but has no power #mp140

hucknbid Let’s keep the spirit of the thunderdome alive outside. New mascot: stun gun wielding drunk baseball fan in a hefty bag. #mp140

kevinthoule “Paul Buntyan”-a big bearded lumberjack wearing a Twins cap and carrying a bat instead of an axe. #mp140

mbkelley Anything on a stick that’s been deep fried. #mp140

bigboxcar New Twins mascot could be 1 of the 10,000 lakes. Could be a diff lake each game! Lake Calhoun, Lake Minnetonka, etc. Lake with arms! #mp140 (Employees not eligible for the sweet Twins tix, Karl!)

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  1. Submitted by Norman Larson on 04/06/2009 - 02:59 pm.

    New mascot for the Twins: A prosperous-looking man with his hand out for public dollars.

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