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An Ironworld by any other name

This contest has ended. The winner is listed below.

It was announced late last week that the Iron Range museum, Ironworld, has changed its name to the Minnesota Discovery Center. The facility opened in 1977 as the Iron Range Interpretive Center, then became Ironworld USA in 1984. It was then called Ironworld Discovery Center, followed by simply Ironworld.

Concerned about perceptions the park was too connected to government and politics or that it’s an amusement park with rides, Jaye Olson, chair of the Ironworld Development Corp. is quoted in the Hibbing Daily Tribune, saying, “The new name allows us to celebrate and explore this region’s place in state history — as a center of industry, ingenuity and unique character.”

MinnPost followers on Twitter, does the Minnesota Discovery Center do it for you? Doesn’t matter — your task is to tweet a new name for Ironworld that represents the goals of the facility and also entices weary travellers to steer the family truckster to that particular exit.

Here’s mine: Iron Range Rocktacular and Jello Wrestling Hippodrome

A winner will be chosen Wednesday morning. Join Twitter, tweet our answer (please include #mp140 in your tweet) and you may find yourself in the winner’s circle.


This week’s winner:

callipygianking #mp140 Incorporate a conservatory/butterfly garden. “Iron Butterfly World”

Honorable mentions:

ervinstembol Taconite, Hockey Fight & Insect Bite Tourist Site #mp140

bigboxcar “Rock and Ore Hall of Fame” #mp140


Tuesday’s entries:

matlobi Ironworld: Or as T-Paw likes to call it, UnallotmentLand. The rich get in free, the rest of us pay triple. #mp140

MelvisWeb My new name for Ironworld in Chisholm, MN: Ferrous Viewers Dated Stuff. #mp140 

ervinstembol Taconite, Hockey Fight & Insect Bite Tourist Site #mp140 

ahold #mp140 how about Irony Museum. 

jenniferpoenix New name for Ironworld: The Neatest Place to Learn about the Iron Range’s History in the Whole State! #mp140 

callipygianking #mp140 Incorporate a conservatory/butterfly garden. “Iron Butterfly World” 

BadBruce The Money Pit #mp140


Monday’s entries:

danielmunson #mp140 “Rest Stop #1”

mnpsgadam Minnesota Hodge Podge of Random Things For State Funding #mp140

bigboxcar They should just partner with Hard Rock Cafe! “Iron Range Hard Rock Cafe” #mp140

bigboxcar “Rock and Ore Hall of Fame” #mp140 

DonEffenberger #mp140 Since the place changes names every 2 years anyway, it ought to work out short-term deal + call it “Robert Downey Jr.’s Ironworld” 

ChrisShields Taconite Taj Mahal? #mp140

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