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Name the 2009 Fringe Festival kitty!

The Minnesota Fringe Festival, which runs from July 30 through August 9, just launched a spiffy new website with a funky little kitty as their mascot. MinnPost followers on Twitter, your job is to name that kitty!

This contest has ended. See below for the winner.

MinnPost is proud to be a sponsor for this year’s Minnesota Fringe Festival. On July 1, the Fringe launched their new website featuring show descriptions, times, locations, and a funky little kitty logo:

MinnPost followers on Twitter, this little kitty needs a name! Join Twitter, follow @MinnPost, and tweet a name befitting the mascot representing hundreds of performances of dozens of eclectic shows. Make sure #mp140 is in your tweet.

The winner will receive Fringe Festival treats! Contest ends Wednesday morning. Good luck!

The Fringe Festival staff has spoken, and they’ve selected “Wobbles” for the name of their kitty mascot! Congrats to Nick Busse from St. Paul!

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Tuesday entries:

msupina Kitty should be named “Ed G. Katt”. #mp140

ellierahrahrae Horatio is a damn fine name for a kitty. #mp140

peterwsetter Name the Fringe kitty: Shakes #mp140

thequeengeek #mp140 I love the kitty that Fringe Fest is using and I wish his name was Fitz for F. Scott Fitzgerald. Fitzie! GO TO FRINGE IF YOU CAN!!

NickBusse #mp140 Wobbles

waywillie #mp140: Snuffelbutt

spinnaker04 “#mp140” PARIDISO

ahold #mp140 Frank

tophatlady Arpeggio: #mp140: Fringe in a nutshell –noun Music. 1. the sounding of the notes of a chord in rapid succession instead of simultaneously

frankpop obviously the fringe kitty’s name should be “Ink Blot” #mp140

HOARYHEAD Scat Cat – which is what the kitty must do to make all the shows it deems worthy – which of course is all of them! #mp140

lafromboise the kitty’s name is most definitely Spanky #mp140

OldSpiceGirl Name of Fringe cat “Jetta” because we have to run from one venue to next all the time. The cat can reflect that! 😉 #mp140

philfried Name of fringe cat— “Inky” #mp140

miketrost093 Is the cat a boy or a girl? Either way, i think Queen Kittypatra is appropriate. #mp140

Peralaw “Buble” (as in Michael ____) #mp140


Monday’s entries:

bentg Culture Cat #mp140

RachelAnnFlynn Cat’s name: Rumpus. don’t ask me why; just trust me on this. #mp140

nixnot Cat Name: Mange #mnfringe #mp140 and for bonus #nerdity I’ll mention @happn_in here to enter their free iPod Touch contest. Yay Twitter!

damonleerunnals Cat’s name: Bibs #mnfringe #mp140

kill_the_wabbit My personal wish for the #mnfringe #mp140 contest: Dorothy Zbornak. (Or technically, Dorothy Petrillo Zbornak-Hollingsworth.)

bstiteler Dominic Graydon Fuzzypants #mp140

wendy5by5 Name the Fringe kitty: Ernesto J. Cribbens Waddlesworth Longbody Poppet the Third #mp140 @MinnPost @MNFringe

screamblue Or “footlight” @mnfringe @MinnPost #mp140

screamblue Bit obvious maybe but… Minnie #mp140 @MinnPost @mnfringe

zenrhino Curtains #mp140

begerman Kitty name suggestion: Bilgey. #mp140

footenotes The name of this cat should be “eclat” (because Fringe Fest is always phat) #mp140

panopticon13 #mp140 Felix