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Actually, there are must-dos this legislative session

In what is considered a policy year at the Legislature, since the state’s two-year budget was set last session, there are many important policies that must be passed to address racial inequities.

It’s time for legislators to protect Minnesota’s firefighters

The bipartisan Hometown Heroes Assistance Program continues to gain momentum across the state — with thousands of firefighters, firefighter survivor families, local leaders and advocates urging the Legislature to pass it quickly in 2020.

Digital policy misfires will turn back the clock for small business

Government should absolutely keep an eye on data collection, digital platforms and all the new technologies. But it is essential that regulation be balanced, and that second- and third-degree impacts be carefully considered.

Lawmakers’ bad habits breed cynicism

Now that the  second session of this biennium is under way, it behooves our legislators to undertake reforms to improve the way they conduct the people’s business.