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U of M – Murphy Reporter: A Stranglehold on History

Neal Karlen recounts the agreement Tom DeFrank made under pressure from then-Vice President Ford not to use a certain quote about President Nixon and Watergate until Ford was dead, and how it turned into DeFrank’s new book, “Write It When I’m Gone.”

Sprawl: It isn’t new — and it isn’t all bad

By the end of the 20th century a large percentage of citizens in the affluent world had come to believe that sprawl was a bad thing and needed to be stopped. Read more… By Robert Bruegmann 

Vinyl records, health care among topics drawing comments

MinnPost readers recently spoke their minds on a variety of topics, including the renaissance of vinyl records, health care reform, the return of Torii Hunter and former Vice President Mondale’s excoriation of the current vice president.

UMN News: Gecko tech: Evolution produces ideal adhesive

Bell Museum researcher Tony Gamble and his colleagues will be the first to provide a complete evolutionary history of the 1,100 species of gecko — knowledge that will inform the work of materials scientists hoping to develop a synthetic gecko adhes

Investing in the Power of YOU is good for students and the state

In January of 2006, Minneapolis Community & Technical College (MCTC), Saint Paul College and Metropolitan State University launched the Power of YOU, an innovative program to increase college participation among students of color and low-income