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History in your hands: The making of connections

My best friend in grade school lived in an antique store. His mother converted the first floor of an old, small-town train depot into the retail outfit and the family lived upstairs.

UMN News: A feline lifeline?

Examining data on 4,435 adults, researchers at the University found that the relative risk of death from heart attack was 40 percent higher for those who had never owned a cat.FROM UMN NEWS

ThreeSixty: Know the rules when you get a job

If you’re under the age of 18 and plan on performing in any aerial or acrobatic acts, don’t. You would be breaking state law. University of St. Thomas student Ben Katzner reports on the child labor laws. FROM THREESIXTY

‘The challenge of change’

As children, many of us heard the story of a young Dutch boy who stuck his finger into a tiny hole in the sea wall that protected his village, and single-handedly held back a cold and raging sea.

UMN News: Well done

Seven decades before the movie “Super Size Me,” a U professor experimented with the health effects of eating nothing but White Castle hamburgers.FROM UMN NEWS

Smoking drama, a departing candidate and the Democratic divide

Reader roundup: In recent comments, MinnPost readers waxed poetic about bar owners’ “dramatic” attempts to evade the anti-smoking law; they also weighed in on the gas tax, Democratic senatorial and presidential match-ups, turmoil in the state attorn

‘Rock star factor’: a key to full immigrant integration

Last summer, Minneapolis City Council Member Robert Lilligren and I traveled overseas to present the success of our Twin Cities community in dealing with immigration from African nations, a vexing problem for our Swedish hosts. Read more…