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Target spectators to curb animal fighting in Minnesota

It has been a year since the Michael Vick dogfighting scandal broke, and the public has demonstrated both its disdain for animal fighters and its support for strong, anti-animal-fighting laws. But are legislators listening? Read more…

U of M Alumni Association: A Guest in Their World

Annie Griffiths Belt, a National Geographic Society photographer, recounts through stories and pictures three decades of traveling to nearly 100 countries, often with her two children in tow.FROM THE U OF M ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 

The black experience in America …

I remember rushing home on Friday nights to see “The Brady Bunch” and “The Partridge Family” on ABC-TV, followed by “The Odd Couple” and “Love American Style.” This is the black experience in America. Read more…

UMN News: Empowered by the sun

A team of about 30 U of M students has spent an estimated 30,000-45,000 hours working on Centaurus, a solar-powered car that will be one of 26 international entries in the 2008 North American Solar Challenge, a 2,400-mile race from Dallas to Calgary

How to make the property tax more progressive

Minnesota’s property tax is regressive, meaning that a disproportionate share of the property-tax burden falls upon those with the least ability to pay.

Teens stats, ethanol bring reader comments

The merits of ethanol fueled a spate of recent comments, along with such topics as teen drivers, Iraq, department stores and Twins closer Joe Nathan. Here’s a selection from MinnPost readers… So, you wrote a book — now what?

Veteran bookseller and publisher David Unowsky offers no-nonsense advice on how to place your book on store shelves (and ensure that it doesn’t just sit there).FROM MNARTISTS.ORG 

Of legislators and subsidies: When will they ever learn?

On Tuesday, April 22, in front of a House Taxes Committee hearing packed with onlookers, lobbyists and a clutch of the ever-available “down-on-their-luck construction workers,” legislators listened to yet another proposal to flush taxpayer money dow