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Comments cover politics, tattoos, archbishops and ethanol

Politics, tattoos and ethanol were some of the topics that prompted readers to comment on MinnPost stories and posts in recent days. Here’s a sampling of what they were saying:

UMN News: Delving deeper

If you want to dig deeper than Google Maps or Mapquest, the University’s Borchert Map Library has hundreds of thousands of maps and images of the Twin Cities area, some so detailed that “you can see the shadows cast by the trees.”FROM UMN NE

Northern light helps people see clearly, even through change

There are two architectural gems in the Northern Hemisphere that have helped people see clearly and kept markets honest for most of the past century, and now they shed light on how people can adjust to change.

One of these gems is in downtown Min

Why we take a stand on anti-immigrant language

Northland Poster Collective in Minneapolis has a bumper sticker that reads, “An injury to Juan is an injury to Al.” In a lighthearted way, that twist on the classic labor motto captures the meaning behind a resolution adopted at the 2007 Internation